Steroid shot for severe sore throat

My dog has been on Prednisone for GME since last July.  I am worried now that he's showing signs of Cushing's disease.  His prescribed dose has gone up and down and they have even added Cyclosporine with no visible benefit.  He's gotten Cytarabine shots every 6 weeks as well.  I'm determined to find alternative therapy because he can't be on prednisone for the rest of his life.  When we recently brought him in for a digestive problem, they thought his GME had progressed and basically gave us pain meds to keep him comfortable until we were ready to put him down.  They thought he was at death's door.  Well, since he's been home, he's better but I want more.  I'm looking into herbal medicine and acupuncture because I don't believe this is the best quality of life he's going to have.  I believe he's at the point where the Pred is hurting more than helping and there must be alternatives.

I have had a series of both facet block injections and steroid epidurals with my most recent one in August, 2012. I have degenerative disc/spondylolisthesis at L4/5 diagnosed years ago. I am very fit and worked hard most of my life to eat healthy, exercise at an intense level, and keep my weight in normal range. Facet blocks and steroid epidurals will make you gain weight and even though I've continued to exercise and watch my diet throughout my treatments, I have still gained 10-15 lbs.
Some prescriptions like Lyrica will also make you gain wieght very quickly.

The benefits from the first shot only lasted 2 weeks. The second and third set of injections lasted about 90 days. In November, I was ready to have surgery. My EMG and nerve conduction tests proved that the nerves were "sleeping" before I was. After another MRI, the neurosurgeon said I was a candidate for surgery but I was not able to get the endoscopic type surgery that is less invasive. I would have an incision about 6-8" long. Along with removing the herniation, they would have to increase the size of the hole where the nerve roots were going through.

Steroid shot for severe sore throat

steroid shot for severe sore throat


steroid shot for severe sore throatsteroid shot for severe sore throatsteroid shot for severe sore throatsteroid shot for severe sore throatsteroid shot for severe sore throat